Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Books that make you think

A weekly meme from The Broke and The Bookish, this Tuesday's list is about books that make you think.

My pics are...

1.) A Question of Power (Bessie Head). This is a difficult read and was part of my African Lit class back in the 90s but wow! It's from the point of view of an insane woman drifting in and out of reality.

2.) The Shack (Paul W. Young). Why do bad things happen to good people? Where is God when things like this happen? What happens if you lose faith? Quite a good story.

3.) Night (Elie Wiesel). The best book from a survivor of the Nazi Death Camps I've ever read and a very emotional book.

4.) Thou Shalt Not Kill (Mary S. Ryzuk). Considering I knew Bob Clark/John List when I was a kid, this one hits home for me. He was a member of my family's church. This man, John List, killed his family and then disguised himself and lived as Bob Clark for many years, several of which were in Brandermill, where I grew up.

5.) The Red Tent (Anita Diamant). Women in the Bible aren't usually chosen as characters of fiction but this one is and it's a good one. The writing itself is so descriptive that I feel like I was there.

6.) 1984 (George Orwell). Freaky, freaky, freaky. What happens when the government OWNS you?

7.) Lord of the Flies (William Golding). It's like Survivor except there is killing, real challenges and a bunch of asshole boys. It begs the question, "What would you do?"

8.) Any Shakespeare but specifically, Hamlet. There is so much about this that makes you think that I can't pinpoint one specific thing.

Well...I almost made it to ten. Eh, whatever.


kaye said...

Love the title of your blog--I thought Reading Rainbow was a great show. I appreciate you including your explanations as I am not familiar with most of your titles. Have a nice day. kaye—the road goes ever ever on

Robyn @ Robolobolyn's Universe said...

George Orwell's Animal Farm made my list. I feel awkward saying I've never read 1984 yet. But I WILL. I'm just procrastinating.

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Kate@Midnight Book Girl said...

You knew John List and kept it to yourself? Is there anything about me that wouldn't make you think- Gosh, I bet Kate would love to hear about how I knew a murderer...?! I actually didn't know much about List until I was in high school, during my major True Crime reading spree. Now I only read Anne Rule, but I do watch quite a bit of Court TV.

Lady In Read said...

I have Lord of the Flies on the list as well.. Shakespeare.. almost made my list.. and the rest of them, I have to read yet (even 1984, I know, I know, but I will read it soon)
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Keith--Husband said...
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Katie Pomroy @ KT's Reading Rainbow said...

Heehee - ah, the things you don't know about me yet. I have, in fact, known 2 murderers (well, the second one was accused and sent to prison but not sure she did it). I can tell my tale at the next book club meeting. :)

Kate@Midnight Book Girl said...

I am holding you to that!

Kimberly @ On the Wings of Books said...

The Shack does make you think, but for me I was disappointed. Someday I will read 1984 and Lord of the Flies. They've been on my list forever.

And we better hear those stories at book club!