Saturday, October 13, 2012

End of 24? (I mean 12)-hour read-a-thon

Okay, I'm signing out for a while. I'm heading home from my wonderful friend, Kim's @ On the Wing of Books who is a great hostess and all-around awesome chick! And thanks to my girls, Kate @ Midnight Book Club and Steph @ The Fake Steph Dot Com for keeping me entertained. (Sorry I couldn't hang longer but these eyes have to proof tomorrow.) 

I will be on at some point before heading to bed to post a bit more.

I am about 150 pages or so away from the end of Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix but to give Harry the respect he deserves I can't skim these last several chapters so he will have to wait till tomorrow night. Love to all book bloggers!

As for my special book bloggers: BITCHES BE READIN'!!!!!!!


Bittner said...

Great Job Katie! I agree that Harry Potter is not a book you want to "skim" because it is just too good! Plus with books that I really like I want to be able to spend more time in them as opposed to rushing through!

Jenny said...

I hope you had fun with Kim, Kate and Steph. I love those girls!

Kimberly @ On the Wings of Books said...

I can't wait for you to finish Harry Potter!! And we had a great time!!