Sunday, January 6, 2013

Oh, on such a downer day, I have been packing up Christmas decorations (although this year, I'm leaving our little strip of bells on the front door  - what better way to scare off a burglar then to have those things clang as he/she tries to steal our crappy 36-inch tv) but I have found some time to fit in some reading. And so with that, Midnight Book Girl asks what are you reading today?

I am smack in the middle of Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and wow! I can't give anything away obviously so I'll just leave one adjective for a central character: diabolical. If you haven't read this yet, get started. 

Also, I am working my way through Franz Kafka's The Trial. I have never read anything by Kafka before (that I know of) but the dude has an unusual writing style that I am digging. 

This week, I will finish Gone Girl and hopefully head back to Hogwart's for the 6th book or I might continue my patterns of thriller/mystery with R.L. Stine's Red Rain. Decisions, decisions.


Kate Midnight Book Girl said...

Woot!! I can't wait to discuss Gone Girl!!!