Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Top Ten Most Frustrating Characters Ever

Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, this Tuesday's question is What are your top ten most frustrating characters ever? (**SOME SPOILERS**)

1.) Nick and Andie - Gone Girl: Nick, you should have gotten rid of Andie ASAP once your wife went missing and Andie, why would you want to be with this guy? Did you not learn anything from the Scott Peterson case?

2.) Katie - Plain Truth: "I was never pregnant." "Okay, I was pregnant but I didn't have sex." "Okay, I was raped." "Okay, no I had sex with this guy." "I don't know what happened to my baby." Katie, stop all the lying and let the lawyer help you, ya moron.

3.) Ralph de Bricassart - The Thorn Birds: You were Meggie's best friend, then you fall in love with her but you can't decide - Meggie or being Cardinal. You kiss her, you leave her, you kiss her again, you leave her. You have sex with her and knock her up, then leave her. I can understand your ambition but not when you could have "all the while in the cool night, there is food and love and babies to get." At least Meggie got off her ass and tried to make it work with someone else.

4.) Scarlett - Gone With The Wind: You spoiled, arrogant little biatch. You took two men from other women and still weren't satisfied because you wanted Melly's husband. You couldn't see love right in front of you even when you married your third husband. Shame on you, Scarlett. 

5.) Dr. Frankenstein - Frankenstein: Dude, what did you think would happen? You created a monster, gave him no education, no food, no security and no companionship. Guess what? The monster is pissed.

6.) Hilly Holbrook - The Help: Take your Home Health Sanitation Initiative and your racist, self-absorbed ass and go eat some more of Minny's pie. Oh and I wasn't really thrilled with Skeeter's mama either - poor Constantine. 

7.) Bella - Twilight: Enough said.

8.) Grace Poole - Jane Eyre: I would not be taking care of the crazy bitch and I certainly wouldn't have kept it hidden. Stand up to Mr. Rochester. 

9.) Professor Umbridge - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: I have never wanted to climb into a book and wring someone's neck the way I did with this little disposable freak.

10.) Ophelia - Hamlet: Girl, you let that man's craziness infect you - Seriously, if a guy has mommy issues, walk away. 


Kimberly @ On the Wings of Books said...

Umbridge is one of my favorite bad guys ever. Especially after seeing the movie cause that gave me an even better picture of her than I had in my head. But I totally wanted to wring her neck too cause she was freaking psycho.

Obviously I agree with Nick and Andie. Hilly and Katie are great choices too!!

Jennifer @ A Librarians Library said...

ANDIE! I forgot how much she ANNOYED me until right this very momment! AGGGH!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see someone else has Ralph de Briccasart on their list!! While he's one of those characters I LOOOOOOOOOVE, a priest he really should have behaved himself better!

Anonymous said...

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Kate Midnight Book Girl said...

Andie was such an idiot! She was as fake as Amy accused her of being. I still remember Nick explaining that she was a very physical person, which he tried to say wasn't a way of calling her slutty, but totally was. Her little whiny press conference annoyed the piss out of me- she knew he was married and still pursued him. Nick just made so many bad choices it was hard not to want to slap him.