Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sundays in Bed With...

It's already Sunday. The weekend has gone by way too fast! 

Hosted by Midnight Book Girl, she asks what are you reading today?

Well, I again have been so busy with other stuff that I haven't really read much. I'm very slowly listening to Ready Player One on audio and of course Harry Potter is begging me to come back. I swear I can hear him speaking Parseltongue to me and I had a dream last night that I was hanging out with Ron when my insurance cards came in the mail and I said, "Well, these will be handy in the Muggle world."

I will say that I have had a great time seeing my nieces, Adison and Riley, on stage last week. Adison will be 18 soon and graduating this year and she is rocking the stage with Cosby High School's show choirs, Rhapsody and Spotlight. Riley is turning 14 and kicking butt herself with her own chorus group and a new haircut that makes her look 16. It's going to be a busy month with book club, movie night, a jewelry party hosted by Midnight Book Girl, show choir competition, a weekend out of town, etc. I hope to keep up with my reading (and yes, I'm still sewing A LOT but I'm trying to find a balance, Midnight Book Girl.) :)

April should be slower but then it's back to some crazy schedules in May with my oldest niece, Clancey, graduating college (I remember her standing in the dishwasher when she was two - no, it wasn't on), Adison graduating high school, nephew Eric graduating high school and Riley leaving middle school and heading to high school. I have other nephews and nieces in various age groups that I am exceptionally proud of including Doug, Ally, AnaRae, Holly and Chase. The first two are getting close to graduating college and high school respectively and the last three I can hold onto for a while although AnaRae is already in high school. They grow up so fast!

Okay, I'm done rambling. Gotta run errands now. Keep on readin', biatches!


Kimberly @ On the Wings of Books said...

I really think you should finish HP so we can watch the movies! And talk about all the things without fear!

I really hope you are enjoying Ready Player One! :)

Kate Midnight Book Girl said...

I'm going to come and confiscate all those dang needles and patterns. You know I will!