Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sundays In Bed With...

Hosted by Kate @ Midnight Book Girl, what were you reading today?

Well, not much for me. I left my Nook charger at work so I read a little bit of Heidi - an old comfort book because I've been having stomach issues. I was sick most of Thursday night and part of Friday and haven't felt right since. My husband blames leftover Chinese (it had been in the fridge only 24 hours but he tends to toss bacon that has been in the fridge only 2 days from when we buy it so I dunno about that). I also have been drinking a LOT of caffeine Diet Coke - way more than I should so I am going to try and cut some of that out. And, of course, one of my coworkers apparently had a stomach bug recently so who knows? 

Now that work is slowing down a little, my plan is to get back into Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar although geez is it boring so far. And then finally back to Hogwart's with Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Yeh, I know that's what I said last week but now that I'm not working 12-hour days and feeling nauseated, I think I can catch up. 

Know what bugs me though as Monday is coming way too fast? Everybody I know is off tomorrow for the Lee/Jackson/King day and I'm not. Oh well. At least I'll get my Nook recharged tomorrow. :)

And best part of all this week is that I get to see my girls on Saturday at my house for our January book, Gone Girl! Can't wait! Bitches be readin'. :)


Kimberly @ On the Wings of Books said...

I have to go to work too.

In Wisconsin, NO ONE gets off this day except like the post office.

Only in Virginia is it called Lee/Jackson/King day. Everywhere else it's just for King. I found this so strange when I moved here.

I hope The Bell Jar gets better for you, and of course I encourage you to read HP.

And I'm looking forward to book club so much! There are SO MANY things to say about Gone Girl cause its totally effed up!!!

Kate Midnight Book Girl said...

I normally have Mondays off, so I can't complain.

I CANNOT wait for book club!!! It's going to be awesome!!